My beef with God

Hello, God. How are you? While I am fine on a superficial level, on a deeper level I am not fine. I have a complaint about the way you set things up around here. Oh, no, you say to yourself, [...]

I joined a book club

  On a recent trip to the library, I decided to take a look at the bulletin board, just out of curiosity about what’s going on in the area. And there it was: a small notice from a [...]

A Stolen Life

Looking for a gripping read? Here’s one: A Stolen Life – a true story about how the author was kidnapped as a child and returned to her family eighteen years later. When Jaycee Dugard [...]

Pricing dilemmas

I’m considering charging more than $2.99 for Judging Nicky. People have wondered why it’s so cheap. Rather than thinking it’s a bargain, they’ve said that they wonder [...]

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