Desperately seeking reviews

What a brouhaha over fake reviews on Amazon!

When I first heard the revelations about fake reviews, reviews by “sock puppets” and reviews by writers anonymously trashing other writers, I wondered about the future of indie publishing. If it’s all a giant crap shoot, will readers get turned off and go away?

After some consideration, I figured that crap has always gone on in publishing since the dawn of the printing press – maybe earlier. The current uproar will blow over just like all the other publishing crap has.

Now, with all the talk about unfair reviews, fake reviews and nasty anonymous reviews, you would think I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them. You would think I would want to run screaming from the merest mention of a review. But you would be wrong.

I have another, bigger problem! Let me reveal my shameful secret: I don’t have reviews! Or rather, I only have one. I’ve sold a fair number of books but this has only resulted in ONE REVIEW. I can’t tell you the number of times I have clicked on my book’s page on Amazon looking for a new review, only to see…NOTHING.

So, all this talk about sock puppets and fake reviews does nothing for me. I am desperately seeking reviews for Judging Nicky. If there is anyone out there who is interested in leaving an honest review, please do so!

I would appreciate it.

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