Four stars for Judging Nicky

I’m happy to say that Judging Nicky has received another review on My thanks to Ameeka, a thoughtful reader who  took the time to rate and comment on my novel, giving it four stars.

The recent uproar over fake reviews on Amazon has made me want to avoid the whole issue and simply hope that readers will write reviews on their own. I’ve read all about writers posting their own reviews, paying substantial sums for literary magazines to write reviews, hiring people to write reviews – and then there’s the unpleasant revelations of writers posting negative comments about their competition.

Many bloggers and columnists have written about the fake review issue, some aghast; others say writers should get over it and move on, suggesting that readers already have a healthy skepticism toward reviews in general. Here’s my take: if a book has more bad reviews than good, it might make a reader look elsewhere. However, the sample chapter generally has the most influence – if it intrigues readers, they will likely buy the book.

There’s no doubt reviews are important, healthy skepticism or not. So I will take this opportunity to ask any interested readers to please post a review!

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