Get Judging Nicky free this weekend!

Get Judging Nicky free this weekend!

While you’re relaxing on the deck, dock or patio, or lounging on your favourite couch and looking for a good read on this glorious long weekend, please check it out. And if you have a chance, I would really appreciate a review; I know they take time and effort so I offer a sincere thank you to you!

Here’s the synopsis of Judging Nicky:

Nicky Vieira has always wanted to be a photographer. She even thinks in photo images. Now that her two daughters are settled in school, she signs up for a college photography program, even though her husband Paul would rather she stayed at home.She falls in love with another student – Savvy, a beautiful young lesbian – and they have an affair. When Paul finds out about it, he demands a divorce. His attempts to alienate the children from their mother lead to an epic custody battle, filled with dirty tricks, courtroom skirmishes and escalating conflict.This intimate look at the intersection between sexuality and parenting will keep readers fully engaged right through to the harrowing conclusion.

Hope you enjoy reading Judging Nicky.
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