Movie ratings sites

There is some good stuff already out there for those of you who are looking for jurisfiction movie reviews.

Here’s a link to the American Bar Association Journal’s 25 Greatest Legal Movies from a couple of years ago. The ABA Journal asked twelve prominent lawyers who teach film or are con­nected to the movie industry to select what they see as the best movies ever made about lawyers and the law, and collated them to produce their top picks. You’ll have to scroll through the pages to see each review, but it’s worth it to see the photos. You’ll also get interesting trivia on each film.

This is a link to lawyer David Freedman’s The Law Movie Review. He arranges the reviews by decade and also by area of law. Check out the blog comments too.

Canadian lawyer Ted Tjaden offers these reviews of law-related movies that he created for his students while teaching legal research and writing. It includes links to other reviews.

Happy viewing!


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