I will not forget you, Amanda Todd

I did not know Amanda Todd, but I will not forget her.

Amanda suffered torment daily because of the online actions of a selfish, heartless pervert. To try and help others and prevent them from suffering her fate, she posted a moving video on YouTube telling how she was stalked and bullied on Facebook and at school. But she was unable to cope with the relentless, ongoing bullying and committed suicide a month later. The video has gone viral and has brought the issue of cyberbullying to the forefront of public consciousness.

The police knew about Amanda’s online stalker before she ended her life. I don’t know what they did to try and stop him, but obviously it wasn’t enough. Now there are twenty officers working on the case – maybe they can stop this villain from hurting other young people. But it’s too late to bring Amanda back.

How can we stop this torture of innocents? How can we prevent the anonymity of the Internet from allowing perverts to flourish? The police need to establish resources dedicated to the prevention of cyberbullying – the creation of a team of experts who can uncover and expose cyberstalkers, and bring them to justice before they ruin lives. Julian Assange hacked his way into the most guarded, secret documents on earth. Surely the police should be able to hire cybercrime experts to uncover the identity of a pervert who posted on Facebook.

Amanda, I’m sorry you had to suffer and be afraid. Your tormentors should have been stopped. I wish I could have helped you somehow. I will not forget you.

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