Judging Nicky is free!

Judging Nicky – a gripping tale about a custody battle – is free until Friday!

Judging Nicky looks at the dangerous intersection of parenting and sexuality. When Nicky has an affair with a woman, her husband Paul divorces her and sues for custody of their two daughters. The resulting battle leads to dirty tricks and courtroom skirmishes – with the children as pawns.

Should the courts consider a mother’s sexuality when awarding custody? Does unconventional sex have a bearing on parenting? Judging Nicky looks at these questions and the role of the courts when parenting and sexuality collide.

Judging Nicky is a work of jurisfiction – the new genre of fiction with a legal theme. Check out my post defining jurisfiction. And don’t forget to download Judging Nicky – free July 4 to 6!


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