The joy of libraries and e-books

I have loved libraries and books since earliest childhood. To prove it, I will tell you something about myself that is likely too much information: when I go to the library, the relaxed feeling it invariably brings often causes the urgent need to find a washroom IMMEDIATELY…see, I told you it was TMI.

Anyway, I just read a post by e-publishing guru J.A. Konrath in which a librarian reveals the tactics of the Association of American Publishers (AAP). Apparently, they want libraries to pay double or triple the going rate for e-books, as well as having to repurchase the e-book after it’s been read a certain number of times. The result: libraries aren’t buying their e-books – meaning that they aren’t available to patrons such as myself.

What is wrong with these publishers? They are shooting themselves in the foot with their short-sighted stupidity – they are losing the valuable advertising they get by making their e-books available in libraries. They are trying to RUIN the e-book revolution because of their own greed!

But in spite of the publishers’ tactics, I am still thoroughly enjoying the library e-book experience. I can sign books out at 2 a.m. (which is usually when I want one!). I don’t have to worry about overdue fines because the books expire automatically on their due date. And I can access books from several libraries without having to leave the house (or more accurately get up off the couch…).

I have noticed that many bestsellers aren’t available through the library in e-book format – maybe because of the librarian boycott (the situation may be different here in Canada but I doubt it). In spite of the lack of certain bestsellers, I’m finding all kinds of good books in e-book format that I might never have looked at otherwise. Perhaps I should inquire whether some libraries might want to purchase Judging Nicky. What a thrill that would be!

Bring on the library e-books, baby!


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