Lisa Scottoline – bestselling jurisfiction writer

I’m reading Lisa Scottoline’s recent jurisfiction novel, Save Me.

Scottoline, who has written many bestselling jurisfiction novels, usually features a lawyer as the main character – unlike Save Me. The novel is more women’s fiction than legal thriller, but still qualifies as jurisfiction since a lawsuit is a key element of the story.

Scottoline has the perfect background to become a jurisfiction writer. She graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1981 and then practised law for several years. She began a new career as a jurisfiction writer in 1994 with the publication of her first novel, Everywhere That Mary Went. It became a bestseller and was nominated for an Edgar Award, a prestigious crime fiction award given by the Mystery Writers of America. Her second novel, Final Appeal, was also nominated for and received an Edgar Award.

Scottoline went on to write many more bestselling legal suspense novels and teaches a course she created at the University of Pennsylvania Law School called “Justice and Fiction.” Her more recent work has been non-fiction women’s literature as well as jurisfiction with a women’s fiction angle – like my novel, The Custody Battle!

I’ll post a review of Save Me once I’ve finished reading it.

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