Marriage: the ultimate mystery

In Gone Girl, a wife disappears on the morning of her fifth anniversary. What does hubby talk about? Her skull. No wonder the police suspect foul play.

NPR Books’ interview of author Gillian Flynn covers the book’s theme of the dark side of marriage. “To me, marriage is the ultimate mystery. You know, there’s that phrase: No one knows what goes on in anyone’s marriage. And I guess the bottom line of this book is no one knows what’s going on in [their] own marriage, a little bit, because we can’t entirely know each other,” Flynn says in the interview.

Flynn also comments on the media’s fascination with true crime and how she uses it in her book:

“[N]ow we’re in an era in which tragedy is almost packaged, it’s sort of consumable tragedy and you always know the different ingredients that are going to go into it — the beautiful wife who’s perfect and the husband who probably did it. And certainly Nick suffers from that immediately, because everyone knows to look at the husband first and he’s a guy who looks like a beautiful, handsome ’80s villain. He’s got the blond hair and the snarky good looks, so he immediately becomes a victim of that, in a way.”

Check out the whole interview at NPR Books.

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