My beef with God

Hello, God. How are you? While I am fine on a superficial level, on a deeper level I am not fine. I have a complaint about the way you set things up around here.

Oh, no, you say to yourself, rolling your eyes as I begin. Not her again! I know you’ve heard me complain before. But I must point out that I often notice things other people don’t, and sometimes things get a lot better as a result of my suggestions. So, here goes.

Why did you create a world where the brawny, brainy creatures kill and eat the lesser creatures? Why must there be suffering by one for another to survive? It didn’t have to be set up this way. Why couldn’t we survive on oxygen and say, minerals? Although I’m supposed to accept the killing as part of life, I HATE the suffering. There had to be a better way for you to set up life on this planet.

In school, I learned all about the “wonderful” balance of nature and the food chain, where the lowest form of life gets eaten by the next one higher up, and so on. Isn’t this great, I was told, isn’t it marvellous how it all works out so perfectly, with each life form having a food source as well as being a food source? If nothing upsets the balance, equilibrium is reached and the ecosystem can survive indefinitely. But the teacher conveniently leaves out the suffering, the agony, the lesser creature goes through before the higher creature rips it to shreds and then consumes it. GAG!

I wonder if there’s another planet where one creature doesn’t have to kill another to live. Maybe some type of breathing provides the nutrients necessary for survival. Maybe the creatures actually cooperate to access the inert nutrients. There’d have to be a way to limit the population, but I’m sure it could be worked out. I don’t know the exact details. God, couldn’t you have worked out something along these lines? And if you have, on a planet somewhere else, can I go there?

As I said, I usually point out to authority figures what appear to me to be errors. It’s actually quite frustrating, not just for the authority figure but for me too, to say nothing of the abuse I take when the authority figure doesn’t appreciate my comments. I can see myself raising complaints like the one above in the Afterlife. Crap. Even after I’m dead, I’ll be questioning and agitating, getting into more trouble with authority figures. And we know where I’ll end up if my comments aren’t appreciated.

Anyway, I’d be thrilled if you could find some way to send me an answer, preferably not as a lightning bolt or avalanche.

Looking forward to your reply.



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