New Book: My Uncool Love Life

My new book is out! Here’s the synopsis for My Uncool Love Life.


t’s 1978 and bellbottoms and platform shoes are in. Kids watch Mork & Mindy on TV while munching on Bugle Corn Chips. Teenage girls shampoo their hair with Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. And Jennifer Breckenridge, eighteen, is thrilled to finally go to college.

She would rather forget her shy and awkward high school years, where, at five foot ten, classmates teased her about her height and skinny build. One hefty boy, Mike Miller, took particular joy in mocking her flat chest, calling her “Jenniflat” as she squirmed with embarrassment. One day, after enduring his torment all morning, her temper flared.

“You’re just jealous,” she said, looking Mike right in the eye. “Because your boobs are bigger than mine!” That shut him up pretty fast. His mouth fell open, then closed, with no words coming out, and the whole class broke out in laughter. The teasing stopped, at least for a while.

Now Jenny is navigating the college scene, and sort-of handsome, slightly goofy Greg has asked her out. They embark on a relationship that begins well, but soon turns sour. Is it high school all over again?

Jenny wonders what it would be like to kiss Devon Bartok, the tall, good-looking, tousle-haired student council president. But to find out, she has to learn to believe in herself.


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