Pricing dilemmas

I’m considering charging more than $2.99 for Judging Nicky. People have wondered why it’s so cheap. Rather than thinking it’s a bargain, they’ve said that they wonder whether something is wrong with it. The idea that “you get what you pay for” hovers in their minds.

I would be very happy to charge more – I spent a tidy sum on editing and the cover. I set the initial price at $2.99 thinking that since it’s my first book, I needed to charge less to attract buyers. Maybe I’ve been doing the opposite.

Some writers have sold a ton of books by charging a low price, but that seems to be a less popular route now, especially with the John Locke debacle (he charged 99 cents for his ebooks and made a bundle, but now it’s come out that he paid for reviews on Amazon and he’s in the doghouse). The thing is, every book is unique and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. It’s time for some experimentation on my part, and I think I’ll start with a new price.

If anyone has any comments on this, I’d really appreciate it. The whole e-publishing experiment seems to be extremely volatile right now  – it’s very hard to get a handle on it.

BTW – Judging Nicky is free today and tomorrow!


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