The Good Mother: my “most helpful review”

I am pleased to say that my review of The Good Mother by Sue Miller, which I posted on, has been categorized as the most helpful favourable review. The Good Mother is an interesting piece of jurisfiction, so I’m glad my review is so prominent!

Amazon’s reviews have all kinds of features. Readers of reviews can vote on them, which moves the review up or down in ranking, reviewers themselves are ranked with awards for those in the top 1000, reviewers can post profiles of themselves with photos, website links, and a bio (here’s my profile on  and the reviews that appear on and are different. The ranking system has a “Learn more” link with interesting tips.

I’ve posted reviews on both and Go on, give it a try – post your profile and review your favourite book!

Reviewing works of jurisfiction has proven to be very useful to me for my own writing. I see what works, what doesn’t, and get ideas on everything from creating realistic and readable courtroom scenes to how to introduce characters. So I plan on reviewing more jurisfiction – I’ll post my reviews on this blog and on Amazon!

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