Tip on e-book covers

Here’s a tip on e-book covers for beginners (learned by me by trial and error!).

I hired a graphic designer at Book Cover Express to prepare my e-book cover, based on the then-current title of my book. I contacted a manuscript evaluator at the same time, anticipating that the evaluation would take place quickly. However, the evaluator couldn’t proceed for two months due to the December holidays and her busy schedule.

The designer started work on my cover. Then I realized that my title was not satisfactory. I started canvassing new titles but wasn’t sure which one worked best. I contacted my designer with the dilemma, realizing that there would be an additional cost to change the title of my book once she had prepared the cover. I told her I was consulting a manuscript evaluator whom I really wanted to consult about the title.

Fortunately for me, my designer sympathetically offered to hold off for a bit on finishing the cover until I talked to the evaluator. I really appreciated her offer!

I’ve now consulted with my manuscript evaluator and have a better title in mind. I plan on telling the designer to proceed with this new title. (My only concern now  is that the evaluator suggested a number of editing revisions, and I’m still working on them. However, I’m confident the new title will work even after I’ve completed the revisions, and I don’t feel I can delay the cover any further.)

Next time I will contact a manuscript evaluator first – and complete any revisions before contacting a cover designer. As they say, hindsight is 20/20!

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