Why Twitter is a lot like kindergarten

So I’m trying to get going on Twitter. Two weeks ago, I started to tweet every day, on books, writing and publishing. No one replied, retweeted or sent me a direct message but I did get a number of new followers. I forged on.

I checked my Klout score (a rating of your “influence” on Twitter) – and it went DOWN over the two weeks. Now that’s a real claim to fame: how many people can say they tweeted more and their Klout went down? Although I was discouraged, I decided to keep at it, partly because I enjoy surfing for interesting articles. And I looked up info on Klout scores and apparently you need interaction with other twitterers for your score to go up, which I wasn’t getting. I chalked it up to that and kept on tweeting.

Then – someone replied to a tweet! I was seriously excited. Then another person replied to the reply! Woo-hoo, I was hot. I replied to both people. The second person replied AGAIN, recommending a writer and following me! So I thanked him, and said I’d check out the writer. You see, I told myself, my tweeting is starting to work! I’m making connections!

The next day, I saw that the second person UNFOLLOWED me. What the heck? It kind of reminds me of kindergarten, where the kid who happily played with you yesterday suddenly announces that he doesn’t want to play with you today. And just like back then, you have to dust yourself off and move on. I’m gonna keep on tweeting!

As they say, all you really need to know you learned in kindergarten…

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